IPRO - Intelligent PROgramming

IPRO enables a secure, easy and fast programming of ECUs via Diagnostic Interface. All the required informations are provided by O.CT Tuning directly over the internet.

IPRO was developed exclusively for O.CT distributors to tune vehicles via the Diagnostic Interface OBDII.

  IPRO was not developed for tuners who want to programm vehicles with their own data.

Power optimisations via internet, without opening of the ECUs, with one system, secure, easy and fast.

The procedure

  1. Connect IPRO to the vehicle via the Diagnostic Interface (OBD-II)
  2. Read-out current data
  3. Connect IPRO to the internet
  4. Download vehicle-specific data from the O.CT Server
  5. Transfer the downloaded optimised tuning data from IPRO to the ECU
  6. Charge off the credits required from the O.CT Server directly from IPRO

The IPRO Credit-System

Payment for the completed power optimisations is made via a Credit System. Credits are managed locally on IPRO and can be updated via the internet. Each programming procedure uses up several credits.
New credits can be ordered directly via IPRO. The required quantity of credits per power optimisation can be seen in our Car List.

IPRO stands for

  • Independent mobile stand-alone solution (the distributor does not need a PC)
  • Encoded data transmission via internet
  • Simplest user control
  • Unambiguous device identification, misuse is ruled out
  • 24-hour online tuning is possible
  • With lots of TÜV/DTC approvals and O.CT warranty
  • Multilingual

IPRO "New Generation" advantages

  • Simplest user controls via a high resolution 7“ Touch Screen TFT Display
  • WLAN option
  • Clear DTCs / Car diagnosis
  • Automatically car detection on many models
  • USB connection
  • Additional memory possible
  • Lithium Polymer battery without memory effect
  • Ergonomic, solid design
  • Detailed onscreen Help via Help-Button
  • Fast readout and write processes

Minimum requirements of the IPRO sales partner

The IPRO sales partner has to be a vehicle workshop or a concession dealer. There must be a diagnostic device, including OBD for multiple brands, or a brand tester. Also an internet access (LAN / WLAN) is required.


You want to become an IPRO distributor? Click here.