Many years of experience and our own technical division, with one of the most modern all-wheel-power dynamometers of Europe, newest computer and high-tech-data entry systems, guarantee you vehicles with MORE-power and torque in all speed ranges.

Complete all parts - from power increase to alloy wheels - are best available quality and they become best tuned interacing as a unit.

We leave no wishes open in quality, safety and comfort. Perfect tuning of all technical components ensures pure driving pleasure and a lot more safety reserves.

Our concept confidents:
Driving pleasure without compromises.




For O.CT Ipro partners it is possible to effect engine upgrades via internet since the year 2003. With its unique system, O.CT IPRO revolutionises performance and consumption enhancement.

IPRO permits safe, simple and quick programming of engine control units via the OBD2 diagnostic interface. The required data are provided by O.CT Tuning directly via the internet.

On the strenght of constant development we are able to provide tuningfiles for a very big range of different car types. Engine Upgrades perfect phased and without need of additionaly hardware - That´s why we became one of europe´s leading cartuners.

IPRO is now into a second generation (2010). After 7 very successful years on the rket, the first generation IPRO is being replaced by the “New Generation”.

Many years of experience and know-how have flowed directly into the development of the new IPRO and guarantee the highest standards and the latest technology.