Vehicle Wrapping


Regarding power enhancements for vehicles of all kinds O.CT stands for quality and perfection since many years.

To meet the optical requirements as well, we now offer high-level car wrapping. Foils of best quality can be taken for granted!

Get a new look for your vehicle!

    • matt or polished colors (latest trend: white polished/black matt)
    • complete vehicle-wrapping
    • wrapping in part (e.g. roof in carbon-foil)
    • coated plastic parts can be wrapped as well
    • our foils are UV-proof – no bleaching out, no darken effect
    • long durability of 5 years and more (with appropriate care even 8 years and more)

    More impressions you can find in our Galleries.

    The big advantage of high-tech foils is that they protect the vehicle finish from rock chips and small scratches in combination with a new and unique look.

    If you want to remove the foil at a later time or if you want to have a new foil in a different color you can remove it without any remains.

    We’d like to make you an individual offer.


    O.CT PORSCHE 911 Turbo S