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O.CT Oil cooler kit - 2.0 TFSI

O.CT Oil cooler kit - 2.0 TFSI
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The increasingly specific emission standards (EU 6) as well as a requirement to decrease consumption (in turn declining CO2 emissions) are the reason for the AE888 advancement from VAG (currently running their 3rd generation). The unit was substantially revised in all areas.

The new magic word is “Innovative Thermo Management - ITM for short".

The new Thermo Management does not only help the motor oil heat up more rapidly (also important so that the motor can reach a proper system temperature), but also helps increase the temperature of the motor oil in general. This can especially lead to over-heating on full load trips.

Due to this case specifically, our team from O.CT Tuning made it a priority to develop a proper oil cooling kit for power enhancements over 380 PS. However, the cooling kit is still recommended for vehicles with less power!

After countless intensive tests and extreme trials on the engine dynamometer, Chassis dynamometer and of course test runs out in the open, we found we were able to decrease the oil temperature up to 20 Celsius!

This kit offers:
  • Additional protection through a larger oil cooler from O.CT Tuning

  • Less engine wear

  • All necessary assembly parts

  • Pictured step-by-step assembly instructions

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