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Power Enhancement 2.0 TSI 300HP to 378HP

Output Data KW HP Nm
Original 221 300 380
O.CT 278 378 480
Max. tolerance on measurement: +/- 5%

MORE Power
MORE Torque
MORE Safety

The power enhancement is achieved through modifying or changing some hardwarecomponents in combination with reprogramming of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

Stage 2 - This kit includes:
  • Modificated Airflow
  • Airbox
  • Modificated Induction System
  • Exhaust  System stainless steel:
  • Modified ECU

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2.0 TSI Oilcooler Kit

Vehicles with DSG transmission, can get a special adaptation of the transmission software ! The following changes on the DSG transmission software can be performed:
  • Torque Limit Increase
  • Increased Shift Response
  • Increased Redline (RPM)
  • Improvement of the reaction time
  • Launch Control optimization (optimal adjustment)
  • Faster gear changes (specially on shift paddles)

Constant emissions values
5 years warranty on the control unit optimisation
2 years warranty originally provided by the manufacturer after first registration of the vehicle (but max. of 120.000 km within these first two years, according to the O.CT warranty guidelines)

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