Launch Oberscheider KFZ-Werkstätte GmbH

In the same building you can also the O.CT Tuning development department and Autohandel Oberscheider - car dealer.

Launch O.CT Tuning

The tuning development department is equipped with a high-tec-data acquisition system with brand new EDV and one of the most modern 4-wheel dynamometer in Europe.

Presentation and rollout of our IPRO System (Tuninginstrument)

IPRO from O.CT TUNING enables engine control systems to be programmed worldwide via the Diagnostic Interface (OBD II). The most up-to-date tuning data - specially tuned to your vehicle - are provided via the Internet.

IPRO is now into a second generation

After 7 very successful years on the market, the first generation IPRO is being replaced by the"New Generation"

Oberscheider Car World in Lustenau opening

26th of december 2011 the all new Oberscheider Car World opens the doors. First time in Vorarlberg´s history a 50 meter long textile car wash plant was presented.


O.CT PORSCHE 911 Turbo S